Anego Studio成立於2010年,我們熱愛繽紛多彩的寶石元素和大自然中美妙的花草姿態,將鍾愛的美麗事物結合,我們發展設計出一系列的特色捧


品味,將綻放的幸福光芒,永久珍藏保留。帶著這樣的信念,我們深信每個人都有屬於自己的珠寶飾品,優雅低調或華麗綻放,Anego Studio都能




Established in 2010, Anego Studio starts to create handmade customized ornaments. Inspired by gemstones and the beauty of botany, we create a unique series of accessories. Starts from jewelry bouquets to handmade headpiece, we devote our creativity, turned every piece into an artwork. In every bouquet, delicate headpiece and every pair of boutonniere tells the story of our customer also the unique beauty of each ornament. We are open to customize your own accessories in every style. We are happy and pleased to style you with our.




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